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Look What’s Back from the 90’s

In case you haven’t already noticed… we’re kind of in the midst of a full-on 90’s revival. We don’t know about you, but we’re totally loving it. The 90’s were such fun years with fashion taking a completely different turn from the 80’s, and the beginning of the cell phone/internet era. While it seems like just yesterday we were actually living in the 90’s it’s already been over a decade! Since we’re really all about this 90’s revival, we had to give you a little 90’s vibe inspiration this week. Look what’s back from the 90’s…

Matte Lips
This 90’s revival isn’t just about the clothes, oh no we’ve got 90’s makeup in full effect right now too! Matte lips are totally having a moment right now. Matte lipstick colors were all over the place in the 90’s with a lot of brown, nude and red tones really peeking at that time. It was all about the grunge look, you know! Well, those colors and the matte lipstick finish are back in action and may even be more accessible than they were before. If you’re on social media at all, you’ve likely noticed beauty bloggers and influencers really taking a cue from the 90’s with the darker shades of matte lipstick colors. There’s something about matte lipstick that’s fun and different right now, maybe since we’ve had the super gloss look for a while now. Basically, every major makeup brand has their own matte lipstick color, so you’re sure to find a color that you love.

Ahhhh flannel, could we really talk about the 90’s and NOT discuss flannel? Watch any 90’s movie and you’re sure to see a sea of flannel outfits. Let’s be honest, most of us secretly miss that grunge type of feel flannel gives. If you feel the same, you’re in luck because flannel is back! Wearing a flannel plaid shirt tied around your waist (hello, 90’s vibes) is EVERYWHERE right now. If you walk through a mall, odds are you’re going to see a mannequin wearing a flannel shirt tied around the waist at least once. The great thing about this look is it’s incredibly easy to achieve, and really does add a fun twist to your look. Simply wearing a t-shirt, jeans and tying a flannel shirt at the waist will give you a completely different look than just wearing the t-shirt and jeans. Easy, fun and totally on trend.

Ok, so personally we’re ALL about this trend and we’ve secretly been waiting for it to come back around for YEARS. So when we saw the Kardashians starting to rock chokers giving us all the 90’s vibes, we couldn’t wait to jump on board. Seriously though, you can’t go into a mall or look on an online retailer without seeing chokers somewhere right now. They’re the easiest little accessory that adds instant edge to any look. Pair chokers with pretty much any outfit and you’re sure to make a little edgier statement than you did without.

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