//Brave A Break from Social Media

Brave A Break from Social Media

Social media has been such a huge part of our daily lives, with no sign of slowing down. If you take a look at the home screen on your cell phone your most frequently utilized apps are probably social media platforms. Look, we’re not judging because we’re right there with you! It’s truly just the reality of the world we live in today. We are all constantly connected to one another via social media. While social media is an incredible tool that allows us to connect with each other, it can also get a bit much at times. If you’ve been feeling a bit consumed by social media it may be time to brave a break from social media. It’s healthy to take a break from the constant connection, and we have some tips on making your break successful.

Choose A Timeframe 
Once you decide you need to brave a break from social media (we get it can feel a bit odd to take a true break), the first thing you need to do is decide when you’re going to follow through with the break. A true social media break means you’re NOT going to be on social media sites at all for a certain amount of time. You know yourself better than anyone else, so this is going to take a little soul searching on your part. Think about what’s a realistic timeframe for you to be away from social media. How many days? When will you take the break? Get real with yourself, and put it in your calendar to hold yourself accountable.

Decide on the Restrictions
This is similar to choosing a timeframe, meaning that you need to decide on the restrictions for yourself during this break. If you find that you just want a break from one particular social media platform, that may be the only platform you take a break from. But you may want a break from all of them completely. Think about what feels right to you, and what restrictions you feel you need to put in place during your break for it to actually feel like a social media break. Don’t give yourself too much flexibility though, because if you have too much leeway you won’t feel the benefits of that break.

Make A Plan for Your Time
Taking a break from social media may seem easy, but when you actually make the decision to take a break you’ll likely realize just how much of your time you spend on the platforms. To prevent you from feeling anxious or even bored with your spare time you have during this break time, pre-plan some activities you want to do. Maybe there’s a book you’ve been wanting to read, or a craft project you haven’t gotten around to accomplishing. We all have something we can fill the time with, but deciding on how you’re going to spend that time before taking your break will allow for an easy transition.

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