//Modern Day Lyricists Who Promote Self-Determination and Body Positivity

Modern Day Lyricists Who Promote Self-Determination and Body Positivity

2017 has already been a year filled with trends, music and loads of breaking news. But something that we all manage to agree on is that music is something that can have a powerful force in our lives. Many of us find comfort and healing through listening to music. Really listening to the lyrics of certain songs can strike a chord in you at the perfect time in your life, or even help get you through certain periods of your life. We love that there are more and more modern-day lyricists who promote self-determination and body positivity. Both focuses are things we can all use a bit more of in our lives. Not familiar with these lyricists? Let’s have a look at who they are…

Meghan Trainor

Chances are pretty high that you’ve heard at least one of Meghan Trainor’s songs, like her hit song “All About That Bass.” She’s an incredibly talented lyricist who’s written for quite a few other artists and really stepped out into her own when she wrote and shared “All About That Bass” with the world. It was hard to miss her and the popularity of the song, especially because she burst onto the scene with a major body positivity influence in the lyrics of her first hit single. Her body positivity and self-determination promotion didn’t stop with her first single, either. She’s continued to emphasize on positive messages through her work, and she’s making a huge mark on the industry and listeners by doing so.


Of course, we couldn’t have a list about lyricists who promote self-determination and body positivity WITHOUT the Queen B herself, could we? Beyonce has always been known to have powerful meaning behind the lyrics of her songs. Sure, the songs she performs and creates are catchy and will leave you singing them to yourself all day long, but she doesn’t just have a way of getting a song stuck in your head. She’s also created some pretty powerful messages through her music. Beyonce is one strong woman who’s always consistent with creating songs that have strong messages. She consistently emphasizes on the power of body positivity and confidence, along with self-determination. Whatever the song, if you have a hard listen to a the lyrics you may be surprised at how consistent the message is with what Beyonce stands for. While she does have the help of other lyricists on some of her songs, she’s been known to write a lot of her songs herself as well. And let’s face it: her songs are so HER it’s clear she has a pretty big hand at the lyrics and message behind the work that she creates.

India Arie

Another lyricist that’s made her mark on the industry with her powerful messages, India Arie has continued to emphasize strong self-determination and body positive messages throughout her work. And we don’t expect to see anything different from her anytime soon! She’s a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to producing positive lyrics in her work.

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