//Why Do You Feel Better After A Tan?

Why Do You Feel Better After A Tan?

Do you enjoy getting a tan? With the summer here, and the outdoor activities increasing, it’s common to feel that pull to head outside to work on your tan. Despite the fact that we’ve all been told countless times the damage that sun-tanning does to our skin, so many of us can’t help but feel the pull to do it anyways. It’s common for many individuals to feel better after getting a tan. Sound like something you’ve experienced? You’re certainly not alone! Truly, we’ve all been there and it got us thinking about WHY you feel better after a tan.

Feeling better after a tan is so common, in fact, that scientists have done studies to figure out why this is the case. One of the findings is that exposure to UV rays actually releases endorphins in the body. If you’re not familiar, endorphins release that ‘feel good’ emotion in our bodies. Along with endorphins, vitamin D which is something that our bodies obtain from the sun is said to help us with a mood boost. Between the endorphins and vitamin D boost obtained from tanning, it’s really no wonder that so many of us feel better.

In addition to the more scientific findings on this topic, we found in our research that many people state that they just feel better, more confident and attractive when they’re tan. Of course, this is a personal feeling, but it’s not uncommon for people to feel this way when their skin is tanned. And we thought it was worth mentioning if you’re someone who just feels a little more confident in your appearance when you have a little ‘glow’ to your skin.

While all of these reasons behind why you feel better after a tan are logical and common, with the sunny summer days upon us we want to stress the importance of taking care of your skin. We definitely don’t diminish the power of feeling good, but exposing your skin to UV rays and possible skin damage isn’t the only way to obtain a good mood. There are plenty of other, very healthy ways in which you’re able to have a release of endorphins and obtain a healthy source of vitamin D. Eating foods that are high in vitamin D and taking supplements are some of the easiest and healthiest ways to get more vitamin D into your body’s system. Exercising, laughing, listening to music (along with SO many other things) are great ways to boost endorphins in your body in a healthy and very natural manner.

If you’re someone who tends to feel better when you get a tan, try incorporating some healthier ways to achieve the benefits from vitamin D and endorphins without the skin damage risk. Of course, there’re also some great ways to get a tan in a healthy way now. Thanks to self-tanning lotions and spray tans you can get a glow without the UV rays.

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