//Skin Care Tips for Your Body

Skin Care Tips for Your Body

Taking avid care of your skin has grown to become more of the norm in today’s world. While you may be consistent and persistent with your skin care routine in the morning and the evening, we’ve found that many people tend to neglect the rest of their skin (just caring for their face). Taking care of your skin on your face is incredibly important, and a great boost for your self-esteem, but that’s not the only part of your body that needs some skin care attention. You already know some of the most common skin care tips for your face, so we’re helping you cover your bases with skin care tips for your body.

Exfoliate Your Entire Body
Oh, how powerful exfoliating is! Exfoliating tends to be one of the most neglected skin care steps for the average person and it’s unfortunate because it’s a total game changer for your skin’s health and pretty great at helping to have clear, glowing skin. Using an exfoliating mask is great when you’re focusing on your facial skin, so you may be wondering how to go about exfoliating the skin on the rest of your body. Dry brushing and body scrubs are two of our favorite body exfoliating products to use. Dry brushing has been getting a lot of attention lately because many people are discovering how easy this tool makes exfoliating your body, and the incredible results that come along with it. When exfoliating the skin on your body, focus on using the tools/products in small circular motions. Start from your feet and work your way up for the best results, this helps to create more of a detox type of experience for your skin.

Get Serious About Moisturizing
Do you take moisturizing your skin seriously? If you’re not, your skin is really missing out! We often discuss the importance of keeping your skin moisturized, and using a specially formulated moisturizing product on your entire body can be incredibly helpful in keeping your skin protected and healthy. Moisturizing your body isn’t just something you want to do when you notice your skin looking dry, being consistent in the application (just like when moisturizing your face) is really what’s going to help set your skin to a new standard. Always, always apply a moisturizer to your body after showering. This helps to lock in moisture when your skin is soft and wet.

Resist Hot Water
Hot water in the shower and when taking a bath can feel incredibly relaxing and soothing. The problem with using hot water in these types of situations is it’s not so great for your skin. When taking a shower or bath, be conscious of the water’s temperature. Water that’s too hot can put a lot of stress on the skin, stripping your skin of its natural oils and causing it to become dry and irritated. Instead, stick to water that’s warm. This allows your skin to become cleansed when you’re in the water, without suffering from any adverse side effects.

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