//Professional Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

Professional Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

Now that we’ve celebrated Memorial Day, it’s feeling a lot like summer. You’ve probably already switched your wardrobe, and started to wear summer-like clothes. Before you fully dive into the summer and all its glory, it’s time to refocus on your skin. The summer season poses a different set of needs in our skin care. What needs are those? We went straight to the experts on this one and found some of the top professional tips for glowing summer skin. If you want to enjoy the summer with your skin glowing to its full potential—be sure to follow these tips.

Get Serious About SPF
It’s no secret the sun is at an all-time high during the summer months. We love the sunshine just as much as you do, but the pros continue to stress the damage it does to our skin. Getting serious about your SPF habits is a major tip to achieving glowing summer skin. Seem odd? Glowing skin means healthy skin—not sun damaged (aka tanned). When the professionals talk about getting serious about your SPF routine they mean two things. One, using SPF every single day and reapplying consistently throughout the day to keep your skin well protected. And two, using the right SPF products for your skin type. If you have really oily skin you’re not going to want to use an SPF product that’s incredibly thick and creamy. Accommodate your skin type with the SPF products you choose to keep your skin healthy and well protected.

Hydration Is Essential
You already know drinking water is necessary for your health, and you’ve probably heard about its benefits for your skin. During the summer months, staying hydrated is even more crucial. Since your skin is exposed to warmer weather as well as the sun, keeping your skin hydrated assists in keeping your skin glowing and healthy. When your skin is lacking hydration you’ll notice a dull, lackluster appearance. Make it a point to drink water often, most people (even when you think you’re drinking enough) aren’t getting enough water on a daily basis. For an added bonus, experts suggest adding cucumber to your water because of its incredible and natural hydration benefits.

Exfoliate Regularly
Exfoliating the skin (not just your face) is a step every professional stresses the importance of. Regardless of your skin type, exfoliation is something that we ALL need in order to keep our skin healthy and glowing. The thing about exfoliating skin is it helps to get a deeper clean on the top layer of our skin, removing any dead skin cells and oil/dirt build up. Getting into the routine of exfoliating your skin on a regular basis (most pros suggest 2-3 times per week) helps to expose a much brighter, glowing layer of skin. Of course, be sure to use something that’s gentle on the skin for this step. Since many of us tend to spend more time outdoors, this is crucial to your summer skincare routine.

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