//Tips to Help You Take Fabulous Selfies

Tips to Help You Take Fabulous Selfies

Thanks to technology, and front-facing camera we’ve all been graced with the rise of selfies. While selfies aren’t new to front facing cameras on our cell phones, selfies are much easier to accomplish thanks to them! Oh, technology—what did we ever do without it? We know that you probably have a social calendar full of fun activities with the summer season approaching. It got us thinking about selfies, it can be difficult to get a great selfie snapped when you’re in the moment. That is, until now! We found some great tips to help you take fabulous selfies, and we’re sharing them now.

Have A Solid Light Source
Let’s face it: lighting is everything when it comes to photography. Yes, selfies included! Natural light tends to work best, and most of the selfie experts in the world suggest to not use the flash in your device as a light source. When taking a selfie, try to be in natural light when possible. If you’re not near a lot of natural light, look for areas that have interesting lighting sources to give your selfie a great look. This will definitely play a big part in helping you to get a selfie you like.

No, we’re not just telling you to focus on the actual selfie-taking process-we literally mean focus! Tapping the screen on most devices (phones in particular) before snapping the picture helps to bring more focus to yourself when taking a selfie. Of course, you’ll want to know your device well to be sure that this is the way your device works to focus on yourself. Tapping and emphasizing on the focus before snapping your selfie helps to well, create more focus on you when taking the picture.

Hold Your Device At an Angle
When taking a selfie, most self-proclaimed selfie experts suggest NOT holding your device right in front of your face, straight on when snapping a picture. Most find that you’re able to get a much better selfie shot when holding your device at arm’s length, and at a bit of an angle. Angling the device up a bit helps to create more balance in proportion when taking a selfie, especially since even at arm’s length the camera is rather close.

Angle Your Face
Similar to holding your camera/phone device at an angle, everyone talks about tilting your head/face at an angle. This also helps with proportion and creating a picture that has a bit more to it. Most of us have an angle or a side of our face that we like more, move your face around to different sides and angles to find one that you feel the most confident about. Keep in mind that you don’t want your chin too high, or neck too stretched out when taking a selfie. Moving your head into an angle can help with this, too. You’ll probably notice that some of the best selfies aren’t perfectly centered, creating more visual interest by placing yourself off center is a great way to snap a fabulous selfie.

Do you have any favorite tips for selfie-taking?

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