//Summer Olympics Theme

Summer Olympics Theme

Every 4 years we get to experience watching the Summer Olympics.  This summer is one of those years where the summer Olympics will be gracing television screens across the world.  Streaming from Rio this year, there are always so many exciting sports and events that take place during the summer Olympics.  We’re really excited to see what this year’s Olympics have in store, and we’re definitely going to be tuning in.  Naturally, since the Summer Olympics are starting in the next week, we’re chatting all things related to Summer Olympics on the blogs.

We’re kicking things off right by taking a look at some of the most inspiring US Olympians we’ve had the privilege to watch in past years.  We’ve been lucky enough to be represented by some truly incredible athletes over the years, so it’s really only natural that we take a little time to celebrate them.  It’s happening on LionesseBeautyBar.net – come take a walk down memory lane!

Even if you’ve never watched the opening ceremonies for any of the Olympics, you know about the passing of the torch that takes place at every Olympic event.  But why do we pass the torch?  Well this week on LionesseGiveaway.com, we’re going into the reasoning behind the tradition of passing the torch.  This way, while you’re tuning into the Summer Olympics this week you’ll be a little more well informed as to why do we pass the torch and the history behind it.

There’s something about the Olympians that makes us want to learn more facts and figures about them.  We figured you were feeling the same way, so we’re diving into some fun trivia about the Olympics on Lionesse.org.  If you’re ready to get some fun trivia information from past Olympics, you’re not going to want to miss all the facts and figures this week!

Looking for an excuse to throw a party?  We sure are!  What better reason to throw a party than the Summer Olympics?  If you want a little inspiration to have a fun party, we’re sharing some of our favorite Summer Olympics party planningideas to help you and your friends party in honor of the Olympics like a true party Olympian.  It’s happening over at LionesseBeautyBar.org – come party with us!

Naturally, we found some hair inspiration from the Olympians themselves.  Want to rock some Olympian worthy hairstyles?  We sure do!  Come join us at LionesseFlatIron.org to discover some hairstyle inspirations that every Olympian, or want to be Olympian, can rock like a true champion.  Who says you have to be an athlete to rock the same hair?  Not us!

Ok, so you probably love wearing makeup but you don’t necessarily want to be in full glam when you’re working out.  We feel you on this one.  So we’re sharing the perfect workout makeup to give you some ideas to wear makeup while you’re working out without being too overdone or glammed when you’re sweating in the gym.

Ready to chat Summer Olympics?

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