//Retro Hairstyle How To

Retro Hairstyle How To

Before you Proceed

There are certain items that are needed for you to be able to make those perfect victory rolls.

  1. Curling iron
  2. Heavy duty hairspray
  3. Pomade or hair wax
  4. Brush (teasing brush with a pointed end for parts works best)
  5. Bobby pins

Creating Perfect Victory Rolls

Follow these simple steps to learn how to get that perfect look while making victory rolls.

Before starting your Victory Rolls you can use curlers or a curling iron to curl your all around. You can also start with straight hair, either way will look cute.

    1. Section your hair into pieces wherever you would like your Victory Rolls to go. For example, if you’d like two victory rolls in from near your temples, section a piece of hair from about your ear to your part on both sides of your head.
    2. If you haven’t already curled your hair, curl each section which will be part of your Victory Rolls using a curling iron. You can easily use your regular curling iron to create this look.Victory Rolls - Tease It
    3. Tease the base of each Victory Roll section. Before you proceed, you should understand that teasing your hair can be damaging to your hair. However, a deep conditioning should help in reversing any damage that has been caused to your hair. Start from the back of each section and move on to the front as you tease your hair. Teasing is a technique that helps to volumize your hair using an “in and out” motion with the help of a comb. It helps to separate each section into smaller pieces as this makes the process much more manageable.
    4. Start with a loop – take the tips of hair from one section and loop them around 2 or more fingers. Begin rolling hair toward the area of your head where you want the Victory Roll to sit. Make sure to roll in toward your part.Victory Roll How To - Start Your Loop
    5. Take a look in the mirror to see if you are happy with your progress. If the roll is in the area where you would like it to end up than you may begin pinning. Fasten your curl with the help of bobby pins. Try to place the bobby pin in the inside of your roll where it will not be seen. Remember that the curvy part of the bobby pin should face down against your scalp for the best hold.

Victory Roll How To - Check the mirror

  1. Use pomade or hair wax to smooth the sides of your rolls and tame any flyaways.
  2. Use strong-hold hairspray to ensure your look holds. This step will help your curls stay in place.
  3. Repeat the entire process for the other side.
  4. Spray some more heavy duty hairspray on the entire look.


Retro Hair How To - Final Product

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