//Protecting Your Lips From Aging

Protecting Your Lips From Aging

Aging is inevitable…it’s just part of life.  Whether we like it or not, we’re all going to get older eventually, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to LOOK older.  Here at Lionesse we’re all about maintaining your youthful appearance as long as you can – really, who isn’t though?  One of the most forgotten areas when it comes to anti-aging are the lips.  Rarely do we think of needing to protect our lips from aging.  However, it is necessary so we’re chatting about protecting your lips from aging to help you out!

Keep Them Moist!

We all know one of the biggest skin care tips is to maintain hydration and moisture in the skin, well the same rule applies to your lips!  Most of us know we need to apply lotion and moisturizing products to our skin all over but tend to forget that our lips are skin as well.  Locking in the moisture of your lips is going to be a huge component in keeping them from aging.  Ever notice people who tend to look older always look like their lips are dry?  Bingo!  Consistently applying a high-quality lip balm/moisturizer is going to do wonders for this.  In addition, staying hydrated overall is a huge factor in this as well.  You’ve probably noticed when you haven’t had enough water to drink your lips feel really dry, right?  Well, you get the picture here.

Protect Yourself

Similar to moisturizing, you know and practice safe sun protection – right?  It’s said by many experts that the lips are one of the most forgotten areas of the skin when it comes to sun and weather protection.  So basically… it’s time to change that.  Because just like the rest of your skin, your lips can get sun damage as well as damage from other weather elements (wind, extreme cold, etc.).  Applying lip care products that boost SPF are going to help you protect them from aging, just like with the rest of your skin!


Did you realize you need to exfoliate your lips?  Probably not something you tend to do on the regular, but you need to start!  We keep saying just like the rest of your skin, but it’s because your lips need treatment like the rest of your skin.  If you’re not already, get a great lip exfoliation product and start using it a couple times per week.  Exfoliating your lips will help get rid of dead skin cells and create a smoother surface, getting them looking younger!

The key tips to protecting your lips from aging are very similar to the tips that experts suggest in terms of your skin overall.  If you haven’t been paying attention to your lips and getting them on an anti-aging routine – it’s time to start!  None of these steps take a long time, but you’ll be graced with youthful lips for years to come!

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