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There’s something so fascinating about the unique.  Which is probably why we’re all so drawn to the lavish lives of certain celebrities and what they’re doing in the world (and their careers), we love to learn about products and things that are unique and new.  This week we’re chatting about all sorts of unique finds, people, and products to get you up to speed.

This week we’re all about Lionesse Gem, and things that are incredibly unique.  So we had to break down one of our favorite exfoliating ingredients, diamond dust, to help you get your skin looking better than ever.  We’re sharing all the details on exfoliating with diamond dust on LionesseGem.com this week – you’re not going to want to miss all the goodness this ingredient has to offer.

Nothing says light but delicious like sushi and kabayaki.  This week on lionessebeautybar.org, we’re going to break down a few of our favorite ways to indulge in the luxury of this food pairing.  There are some incredibly delicious ways to enjoy these incredible ingredients, feel luxurious and indulge in what will most likely be your go-to meal.  Come join us to get all the details.

Deniz Gamze Erguven is championing women’s empowerment.  You may know her from the movie Mustang – a movie based on women’s empowerment.  Deniz has been making waves in the industry, and world, setting a new example for women.  This week we’re sharing some of the ways she’s made a unique impact on lionessebeautybar.net.

Summer weather is on its way and with that comes our desire to want to switch up our hair.  Typically as the weather gets warmer, the hair gets lighter.  Since we’re all about things that are incredibly unique this week, we’re going to be sharing some of our favorite hair highlighting trends that aren’t your average highlights over on lionesseflatiron.com.

Our hair isn’t the only thing that changes as the seasons change from winter to spring and summer – our makeup does too!  While our hair colors tend to get lighter, our makeup tends to get lighter with it.  This week on lionesse.com, we’re sharing some of our favorite summer makeup trends to help you stay on trend this season.

Last but certainly not least, lionesse.us is all about oysters and pearls.  There’s something so luxurious and incredible about pearls (and oysters!).  Since we’re all about things that are unique, we had to bring in some jewel-related topics.  What makes oysters and pearls so unique?  We’re going to break it all down for you – so come find out all the details!

Ready to learn all about everything that is incredibly unique?  Who isn’t, right?  You’re going to want to stick around all week long to get the scoop on these topics, plus so much more.  We’re embracing the uniqueness and loving it all – come join us!

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