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How to Get Rid of Breakouts

Breakouts at any age are frustrating and embarrassing, but when you’re a teen the severity seems to be at its peak. There are so many different causes and reasons you could be dealing with breakouts, however, there are some things you can do to avoid breakouts as much as possible by incorporating them into your life. We’re sharing some of our favorite ways on how to get rid of breakouts to help get you on the path to healthy, clear skin.

Get into a Skincare Routine

Since most of your life up until the teen years you haven’t really had to focus too much on having a skin care routine, it can feel like – why start now? But that’s just it, it’s time to start now! Incorporating a regular, gentle skin care routine into your daily life as a teen can be a huge help for beating breakouts. Many experts suggest using a mild cleanser so as not to strip away all of the necessary oils in the skin, but to eliminate any overproduction of oil. Also, it’s a great time to start and get into the habit of having a daily skin care routine where you wash your face 2 times a day and help carry that through the rest of your life.

Don’t Touch!

It’s common for all of us to want to touch, pick, squeeze at our face. But the problem with that is it often makes things worse. Our hands have oil and when we continuously touch our face with our hands we’re constantly adding more oil and dirt to our face. So avoid touching, popping, and all that – your face will thank you!

Be Cautious of Products

Often times, we think as teens we’re young the ingredients don’t matter, but that’s just not the case. Regardless of age, it’s important to be aware of the ingredients in the products you’re using on your face. Opt for products that are non-comedogenic and oil-free to help minimize the chances of getting any breakouts. This also goes for makeup products, it’s so easy to run to the drug store and buy the cheapest product on the shelf. But since your skin is in an acne-prone state, it’s wise to think less of price and more of the ingredients. Often times cosmetic products can contain ingredients that don’t mesh well with those who have acne prone skin. Remember that everything you’re putting on your skin is being absorbed, read the labels and be cautious.

Watch Your Diet

As teens, it’s common to be drawn to junk food and drive-thrus but those are also foods that are filled with grease and oil. Remember, what we eat comes out in our skin and affects our skin’s health. So try cutting back on those types of foods and upping your water and fruit/veggie intake to help keep your skin healthy and clear, it can be a huge factor in beating breakouts.

While it can be difficult to completely get rid of breakouts, incorporating these tips can help you avoid them as much as possible. Happy clear skinning!

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