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Help Your Skin Look Great this Winter

Ahh the winter months, they’re officially taking residence throughout most of the country now.  Winter is a season with a totally different set of obstacles than the other seasons, and we’re not just referring to the fact that it’s cold, snowy, and means you’re whipping out a completely different wardrobe.  It also tends to take a toll on your skin.  We’ve all experienced some skin related struggles during the winter that we’ve kind of just grown to think of as part of the winter season.  We want to help your skin look great this winter, so we’re sharing some of our must-know tips to help you do just that.

One of the key factors that tends to come up during the winter months with our skin is the rise in dry skin.  It’s always frustrating to feel like you just can’t get rid of the dry skin.  But the truth is some of that could be because you need to get into an exfoliating routine.  Exfoliating your skin is a skin care step that helps to eliminate dead skin cells that are on your skin, those dead skill cells are often those pesky places where it seems like no matter how much lotion  you apply just NEVER seem to not look dry.  Get into a routine of using a moisturizing and gentle exfoliating product on a weekly basis, it will do wonders for your skin throughout the winter months.

Adjust Your Shower Routine
Look we totally get that when it’s cold outside taking a long, hot shower feels completely necessary.  But the thing is, since our skin is already drier than normal the heat can cause our skin to become even drier.  So the first thing you need to do to keep your skin looking great this winter is to avoid taking really hot showers, especially long hot showers.  In addition, a lot of experts suggest switching up your body wash and shower products to those that are more moisturizing and less harsh.  A lot of soaps tend to be a bit harsh (and often filled with chemicals) which can also continue to add to drying your skin out.  Instead, look for soaps and products that are designed to add more moisture and hydration to your skin.

Adjust Your Diet a Bit
The thing about our diet is, it truly has a major impact on our skin and its appearance.  As we’ve said, the winter months tend to cause our skin to become really dry so we’re going to want to avoid consuming things that tend to add to that dryness factor.  Alcohol is one of the biggies here, minimize your alcohol intake during the winter months.  Since alcohol tends to cause more dehydration in the body, it’s not going to do your skin any favors.  On the flip side, many experts suggest upping your omega-3 intake to help give your skin a lot of healthy hydration and moisturizing factors that can really help this time of year.

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