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Hair Styles that Suit Gemini’s – This article will focus on the different various hairstyles that will suit a Gemini woman’s hair. If you’re a Gemini or someone close to you is, this would be a great article for getting some fashionable hairstyle ideas.

Beauty Tips for Gemini Girls – This article is detailed towards helping Gemini women achieve their desired cosmetic look. Learn how-to’s and tips on getting the look you want that will suit your features best. Learn the colors that work best on a Gemini, application styles that work best, and learn the best looks for your sign.

Our Favorite Gemini Celebrities – This blog post will focus on various Gemini Celebrity women that we all adore and love, their style and what makes them special.

Gemini Hair Style Tutorial – If you’ve been craving a new hairstyle, now is the time to give this article a read. This is a perfect spring look for the Gemini woman – and will be great for any occasion. Simple and easy to follow with pictures and step-by-step instructions to guide you through.

Skin Care Tips for Gemini Girls – Gemini women have specific skin care tips and advice that they should follow to best suit their skin. Learn what to do in this informative article.

Best Jewelry Choices for Geminis – What jewelry accessories would be best on a Gemini woman? Find out in this helpful article that details jewelry for Gemini women for any occasion.

Gemini Makeup Look – This is the perfect makeup look for a Gemini woman. Follow along with helpful pictures and step by step instructions so you can achieve the look yourself. We’re excited to bring you this fun spring look – and we are sure you’ll love it!

Keep your eyes peeled for other helpful and informative articles coming your way this week from Lionesse. We’re sure you’ll love these articles, and we will continue to bring you lots of fresh looks in tutorials with our Guest Blogger, Sarah McCormick, next week. In the meantime, Gemini, enjoy reveling in the focus that’s all around you this week – this is your moment, and it’s time to shine!

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