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Find Your Style Inspiration

Personal style is something that’s, well… personal.  Our style is something that impacts our lives on a daily basis.  We get dressed every day, don’t we?  While our style plays a fairly big part in our lives, it’s also an area of our lives that we can get stuck in a rut with.  When we go to our closets every single day, we begin to feel a little less inspired as time passes by.  Getting re-inspired can feel like a lot of work, and you may not even know where to start to get there.  But you know you need to find your style inspiration, and we want to help you kick off the New Year feeling great about your style so we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for helping you find your style inspiration.

Gather Some Inspiration
The first step in finding some style inspiration is gathering the inspiration.  Ok, ok we’ll explain further.  Getting started with this means you’re going to need to first start to gather images of style that you resonate with.  If you’re using a platform like Pinterest to organize your inspiration, just start adding images that you really like to your board (you can do this with magazines as well).  Don’t think about the styles that you’re collecting, just gather whatever it is you’re drawn to.  This will help give you a starting place to really finding your style inspiration.

Analyze Your Collection
Once you’ve gathered a decent amount of images that you resonate with for your style, start looking over the images.  Analyze them in more detail….odds are you’re going to see some similarities throughout the images that you’ve collected.  You may notice some colors or textures that are consistent throughout your images, or perhaps some similar silhouettes of clothes, maybe even the way things are paired together.  Look for any and all consistencies that you see in the images – this will help you get a better idea as to what it is that you’re drawn to and inspired by.  So often when we’re not feeling inspired by our style it’s because we kind of get in a rut and lose sight of our personal style, so doing this exercise helps get us back on track and really see what it is that’s inspiring us now.

Go Back to Your Closet
Now that you’ve gathered your inspiration and looked for the consistencies, take what you’ve analyzed and go through your current wardrobe.  Look for items that you have that you could wear in a way that’s drawing inspiration from what you’ve collected.  Make a list of items you’d like to invest in when you find them.  Get rid of any items that aren’t really fitting with your current style inspiration.  All of these things are going to help you really apply the style inspiration that you’ve found.

Since our style is constantly evolving, this is something that you may want to do during times when you find you’re not feeling very inspired by your clothes.  You may be surprised at what a difference it can make with you and your style.

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