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Must Try Holiday Hairstyles

The holiday season is in FULL swing now – kind of hard to believe, isn’t it?  The holiday season always seems to jump up on us after the fall months arrive.  With the start of the holiday season, comes an increase in different events and functions that you probably have to attend throughout the season.  Of course, since you’re going to be attending a lot of events and things you’re probably also thinking about what styles you’re going to be rocking at each event.  We know you don’t want to feel like you’re showing up to every event with the same look so we’re sharing some of our favorites must try holiday hairstyles to give you a little inspiration to step out in style this holiday season.

Festive Ponytail
We’re all about hairstyles that are cute and festive, but we don’t expect you to be spending hours and hours working on your hair before heading out to an event.  This is one of our definite must try holiday styles because while it may seem simple, it really can be the perfect hairstyle for so many different holiday occasions – you’d be surprised!  Add some gorgeous wavy/curls to your hair to give you some texture and body, get a little more texture into your hair by adding a texturizing product.  Once you’ve done that simply pull your hair back into a high ponytail look.  Feel free to add more definition to the ponytail with curls or waves to your liking.  Tease the ponytail a bit to get a little more height and finish with some finishing spray product.  To add the final touch, add a silky ribbon at the base of the ponytail.  It’s super fun, and adds just enough holiday cheer to be the perfect finishing touch.

Side Swept Look
If you have a more formal function to attend this holiday season, you may want to go with something a little more formal looking.  One of our favorites has to be the dramatic side swept hairstyle.  Add some curls to your hair to get things started.  Once you’ve curled your hair (mainly at the ends of the hair), you’re going to want to start adding more volume to the roots you can do this by adding some volumizing product to the roots of the hair and do a bit of teasing there.  Section your hair on a deep side part and then sweep the hair over to the opposite side.  To keep the hair in place you can use bobby pins and finishing products to keep it in tack.

Romantic Updo
Another one of our must-try holiday styles has to be the romantic updo that’s as easy as it is chic.  Once you’ve dried your hair and added some texture to it with a styling product and added a few loose curls to the hair at the ends, pull your hair back and towards the nape of the neck in a lower bun hairstyle region.  Once you’ve done that start twisting your hair pieces and pinning them into different sections and directions to create a unique look.  It’s simple, and the plus is the less perfect it is the better it looks!

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