//Best Hairstyles to Combat Excessive Summer Heat

Best Hairstyles to Combat Excessive Summer Heat

Love the summer weather? While you may enjoy the warmth that comes with the summer season, our hair doesn’t always agree. It can be tricky to style your hair in a way that’s stylish but also functional for coping with the excessive heat. Sound like a struggle you face? Well, hair struggle be gone! Since we know you want to look and feel stylish all season long, we gathered up a few of our favorites to share the best hairstyles to combat excessive summer heat. As a bonus, we chose hairstyles that are actually EASY to achieve—promise!

Braid Into PonyTail or Bun
Braids are one of our favorite hairstyles for facing the summer heat. They look great, are pretty easy to style, and they keep your hair tamed regardless of the weather. What’s not to love, right? This summer we’re all about the braids leading into a ponytail or bun style. Ponytails and buns are a typical go-to for facing the summer heat, but this summer it’s time to take things up a notch—don’t you think? You can really work this a number of ways, depending on your style preferences. One of our favorites is styling a French braid on the top of your head and stopping it in the place you decided to position your ponytail or bun. If you don’t want to have a braid on top of your head, you can add the braid to the hair that’s under the ponytail/bun. OR just a small braid or two on the sides of your head—see what we mean? There are so many different variations of this particular hairstyle. They all look great and give you a lot of creative room to work with.

The New Half-Up Style
Half up hairstyles are similar to ponytails and buns…they’re easy to do and a go-to for so many women, especially during the warm weather months. You’ve probably mastered the traditional half-up hairstyle, but similar to ponytails this season it’s all about a change. One of our favorite ways to style a half up hairstyle in a new way is to create the texture in your hair that you like (whether that’s straight, curly, wavy, etc.) and taking two pieces on each side of your head begin twisting the hair back. Simply secure the pieces of hair in the back of your head to create a half up style, in a more subtle way. Another new take on the traditional half-up hairstyle is to create the half up ponytail and instead of just leaving the hair down tie it up into a top knot. It’s an edgier take on an old classic.

This summer, it’s all about thinking outside the box when creating hair styles that beat the excessive summer heat. It doesn’t have to be difficult—we promise!

Do you have a go-to hairstyle for combating excessive summer heat?

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