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Flat Iron Tips and Tricks Theme

The seasons are changing and with that come our desire to switch up our hair.  Typically as the temperatures rise, we strive to keep our hair and beauty routines simple.  This week, we’re dishing on some of our favorite flat iron tips and tricks. Because every woman is excited to learn about ways to use flat irons in a more functional and less stressful manner, right?

To kick this week’s flat iron theme off we’re chatting about ceramic vs tourmaline flat irons on LionesseGem.com.  What’s the difference?  Is one better than the other?  We’re going to talk about the differences between the two and share the best uses for each flat iron type.  Since our hair isn’t all created equally, there are definitely some options that may be better for some than others.  We’ll give you all the details so you’re able to determine which option is the best fit for your hair and haircare needs.

We’ve heard all about the importance of cleaning our makeup products and tools, but what about our hair styling tools?  They need some tender loving care, too!  To get you started on cleaning your styling tools we’re sharing some of our must-know tips and tricks over on LionesseBeautyBar.net.  You’ve probably never thought of cleaning your hair styling tools before, but once you discover our tips you’re going to get on a hair tool cleaning schedule for sure!

The incredible thing about flat irons, and really all hair styling tools, is that they serve more than one function.  Ever think of using your flat iron to create waves and curls?  Considering the tool is called a FLAT iron, probably not!  But we’re sharing how you can easily create waves and curls using your flat iron on LionesseFlatIron.com this week.

It’s amazing what we’re able to achieve with our hair when it comes to using the right tools and techniques.  Did you ever think you could create faux dreadlocks from home?  Well, now you can with some of our flat iron tricks!  We’re dishing on all the details on LionesseFlatIron.org to help you achieve a faux dreadlock look using your flat iron.

When using styling tools like flat irons regularly, it’s crucial that you maintain a clean, healthy scalp.  Taking care of our scalp and the hair on our head is a huge part of having healthy, luxurious hair.  So on Lionesse.us, we’re sharing our tips and tricks on maintaining a clean, healthy scalp so you can continue using your flat iron and creating fun hair looks!

Last but certainly not least, on LionesseGiveaway.com, we’re talking about short hair and extensions.  There are some easy ways to make sure extensions are blended into your naturally short hair, so the extensions can go virtually undetected.  With so many different extension types it can be overwhelming, but we’re going to help take away the stress of worrying about other people seeing the extensions and help you create a versatile look that allows you to go from short to long with ease!

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