//Wear Purple Makeup Like a Pro

Wear Purple Makeup Like a Pro

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Purple make-up is an extremely powerful way of making a statement. It is definitely a great color to try on. Experimenting with different shades is the way to go to ensure that you look amazing. Purple comes in a range of shades that vary from softer tones to deeper ones like electric violet. Different shades better highlight different skin tones and eye colors. However, a poorly applied purple shade can look tacky, funny or make you look bruised. Before you sport purple in public, you should learn how to choose the right shades for your eyes and the best ways of wearing purple make-up. The first thing to understand is that you should be aware of your eye color and skin tone in order to choose the right shade of purple. Generally, the color goes really well with brown, green and hazel. Lavender and deep purple shades can also look good on all types of complexions. Remember, the bolder the look you’re searching for, the deeper the shade of purple you’re likely to require.

How to apply Purple eyeshadow

Once you choose the brand and the shade that seems to be right for your face, you need to know how to apply it properly.

  • Preparing your face – Before applying eyeshadow, you need to cleanse your face and make sure there is no makeup or residue on eyes.
  • Using eyeshadow primers – After cleaning your face, apply an eyeshadow primer and if you need, an under eye concealer. Make sure you apply primer to the whole eye area and give it a minute or two to dry before proceeding.

For an easy and dramatic look try a smokey purple style. You’ll need a palette of colors or 3 different shades of eye makeup:

  • Apply the lightest shade first – Apply the lightest shade that you’re working with on your upper eyelid. You can also choose a light silver shade or neutral shades. A neutral shade will, of course, result in a more neutral look whereas a silvery color will be a bit more dramatic. Make sure that it covers the entire area between the lash line and the brow bone.
  • Apply the medium eyeshadow – Once you apply the lightest shade, apply the medium shade from the crease of your eyes to the eyelashes. Don’t forget to blend it well.
  • Apply the dark purple shades – Once the other shades have been applied, you can apply the darkest purple shade on the creases to accentuate your eyelids and provide them with some depth. An angled brush will help you apply the color properly. You can also choose to apply the shade on the outer corners of your eyes to look even more glamorous. For a sexy look apply in a sideways “V” shape starting on the outer corners of eyes, working your way in. Be sure to blend.
  • Apply mascara and eyeliner
  • For an extra gorg look – Fill in your eyebrows a bit and add a pretty highlighter to the brow bone and inner corners of eyes.

General tips and advice on how to apply purple make-up

  • You can use brown undertones as well as deep purple hues. However, make sure that you stay away from red undertones.
  • Have subtle or neutral makeup on your cheeks and lips while using purple on your eyes. A soft pink shade is ideal if you’re skin tone has cool undertones. On the other hand, a peachish pink is an ideal option for warm undertones.
  • The only way to look good in purple makeup is to by matching the purple shade with your skin tone and making sure to blend shadow and liner very well. Using the right kind of brushes is very helpful as well.
  • Check out radiant orchid, it has been named the Pantone color of the year. It is a lovely shade of purple, the color gives off a unique pinkish – purplish shade.

Purple on your lips can be cool and vampy.

  • Don’t forget to trace your lips with a coordinating or nude liner when sporting purple lipstick.
  • Use soft and neutral eyeshadows to counterbalance a bold purple lipstick.
  • A dark plum shaded lip color might only need a swipe of black liner and some mascara on eyes as a compliment.
  • Don’t forget to make color multidimensional. A purple colored lipstick will make your lips look much smaller (darker = smaller, lighter = bigger). Combat this by dabbing some gloss or pearly white eyeshadows on the center of your lips. They will seem as full and luscious as ever.
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