//Beauty Tips for Every Decade

Beauty Tips for Every Decade

Beauty is timeless…really! Regardless of your age you can certainly create a beauty look that’s radiant and gorgeous. That being said, there are some adjustments that should be made as you make your way from one age group to another. What we’re really saying here is that you shouldn’t be using the same beauty tips in your 40’s that you were using in your 20’s. As we get old our skin changes and has different needs, adjusting accordingly is going to keep your skin youthful and healthy throughout your life. We have you covered, with beauty tips for every decade to get you started.

Your 20’s
One of the most important beauty tips, according to experts, for this age group is making drinking water a major priority. Getting enough water is necessary to keep your skin healthy, glowing and vibrant. Getting into the routine of drinking plenty of water in your 20’s really helps set you on a healthy path. In addition to drinking water, make sure you’re making it a habit to NOT use hot water when taking a shower/bath. Hot water dries out skin and hair and dry skin doesn’t exactly equal glowing skin. Finally, experts suggest moisturizing your neck and hands in your 20’s is the perfect time to start. Since these areas tend to be forgotten, it will help keep them healthy and more youthful as you continue throughout your life.

Your 30’s
Moisture and hydration need to be an even bigger focus once you’re in your 30’s. This is often the age where many will begin to notice signs of aging and fine lines. Keeping your skin well moisturized with quality moisturizing products and drinking even more water is going to be a saving grace for your skin at this age. In addition, experts suggest that this age what you eat/drink is more important than ever. Meaning it’s time to get serious about what you’re putting into your body because it has a direct reflection on your skin’s appearance and health. Finally, this is when you will definitely want to begin incorporating anti-aging serums into your skincare routine.

Your 40’s
Most women begin to notice more visible signs of aging in their 40’s. Keeping all the previous tips in mind, but adjusting to more anti-aging focused skin care products is ideal. Most experts suggest using liquid foundations at this age, as they tend to be more hydrating to the skin where powders can bring more focus to fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, it’s said that cutting back on alcohol intake is beneficial as alcohol tends to be a bit harsh on the skin in your 40’s.

Your 50’s and above
When in your 50’s and above, now is when you want to be sure that you’re serious about the moisturizing products you use. Adjusting to using products that are more hydrating and creamier to adapt to drier skin. Additionally, many experts in the industry suggest now is when it’s a non-negotiable to be getting a facial on a regular basis.

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