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Lionesse is a globally recognized luxury beauty brand offering over 100 lavish beauty products, ranging from high-end makeup, hair tools and hair care to luxurious skincare. Lionesse Beauty Bar combines elegance and innovation to produce a one stop shop for all your skincare and beauty needs. At Lionesse, we empower women of all skin types to embrace their individuality and unique beauty. Lionesse Beauty Bars are equipped to cater to women and men of all skin types, offering over 100 unique and effective skincare products, hair tools and hair care products, and more. Encompassing the world’s utmost cutting edge and luxurious ingredients, Lionesse is sure to have a product for you.

Lionesse began as a beauty bar concept, helping woman look and feel their best for special events, or just for fun. Lionesse Beauty Bar locations offer a unique and inviting ambience where our trained experts are ready to recreate the makeup or beauty look of your choosing and well as offering skin care consultation. Over time, we have recognized that the most important aspect of allowing women feel their best is helping them radiate beauty and strength from the inside out. Educating women about how to get their skin in the best possible shape made them feel more comfortable in their own skin and confident without needing makeup or hair styling. Through these experiences the brand came to focus on our skin care offerings.

Lionesse Beauty Bar transformed into simply Lionesse in order to capture realigned focus of the company.Lionesse skin care products were refined and perfected and Lionesse Gem was born. Lionesse Gem is Lionesse’s luxury skin care line, infused with precious and semi-precious gems for the most indulgent skin care experience possible. Lionesse is constantly researching the newest and most innovative skin care concepts to bring to customers. In accordance to this, Lionesse has introduced two new lines: Celestolite and Venofye. Celestolite harnesses the power of otherworldly meteorite dust to improve the beauty routine. Venofye offers products that make use of the beautifying properties of bee and snake venom to enhance the skin. All of these lines stand together to make Lionesse a leader in luxury skin care with an eye toward enhancing the complexion and giving skin a more youthful appearance.

Embrace your skin’s bare and natural beauty and face your fierce, with Lionesse.

The newest beauty campaign for Lionesse, ‘Firece Femelle,’ promotes originality and embraces natural beauty. A Lionesse woman is resilient to society’s idea of beauty as she radiates splendor through her bare luminous skin.  Women are as magnificent as they are unique, and as strong as they are alluring. Face your Fierce. You are a Lionesse.




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